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30 Rounds of .410 at Your Fingertips – Saiga Shotgun

IMG_3111We’ve got a .410 Saiga shotgun with AK-47 style action in the showroom at 5616 Barrett Lane for only $530.  With the smaller standard-capacity magazines, that gives you plenty of firepower.

Kick it up a notch by adding our new ProMag 30-round drum magazine and you can focus on pulling the trigger more and reloading less!  Only $100 for some priceless fun.

Don’t Let Your GLOCK Run Dry!

20150609_131632Don’t you hate it when you can’t last long enough?  Wouldn’t you rather go longer?  Now you can!

Gunz Inc. at 5616 Barrett Lane in Valley Station has your extended capacity magazines for 9mm and .40 S&W GLOCK pistols.

With 30 rounds loaded up, all you’ll have to worry about is keeping enough ammo on hand, but we can help with that too!

Drum Magazines for Saiga and WASR Coming Soon

20150602_123704Gunz Inc. at 5616 has a .410 Saiga shotgun and a Century WASR 10 7.62×39 rifle with your name on them.  These Romanian AK-style firearms are fun and practical.

As if they weren’t fun enough with the stock magazines, we have some higher capacity drum magazines coming in for both firearms.  One drum magazine for the Saiga and TWO for the WASR.  Come in and check out the shotgun and rifle today and get your name in line for the magazines before your friend buys them first!