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drum magazine

Shoot Your GLOCK More, Reload Less

IMG_3115One of the nice things about GLOCK pistols is magazine interchangeability – mags for bigger guns of the same caliber fit smaller guns.  The sub-compact GLOCK G26 gives you 10 rounds of 9mm in the palm of your hand.  The G19 increases that to 15 rounds.  The G17 increases that to 17 rounds.  Gunz Inc. increases that to 50 rounds!

We have GLOCK 50-round drum magazines in stock for $100.

Molded with ambidextrous double magazine catch notches, the drum magazines are compatible with all generations of GLOCK 9mm pistols.

Shoot more with fewer breaks for reloading.  One box = one magazine!

Think you can handle a pound and a half of ammo under your pistol?

Don’t worry if you don’t have a GLOCK pistol yet.  Gunz Inc. can help you get one to go with your new drum magazine.

30 Rounds of .410 at Your Fingertips – Saiga Shotgun

IMG_3111We’ve got a .410 Saiga shotgun with AK-47 style action in the showroom at 5616 Barrett Lane for only $530.  With the smaller standard-capacity magazines, that gives you plenty of firepower.

Kick it up a notch by adding our new ProMag 30-round drum magazine and you can focus on pulling the trigger more and reloading less!  Only $100 for some priceless fun.