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Ruger Charger at Gunz Inc.

Gunz Inc. has a great little firearm for you.

The Ruger Charger is basically a 10/22 pistol.  First introduced in 2007, the 22 Charger pistol became a favorite for .22 LR pistol shooters and plinkers alike. The new 22 Charger pistol offers improved ergonomics, new features and the new BX-15 magazine.

Features a factory-installed picatinny rail, threaded barrel, standard A2 style pistol grip, adjustable bipod, and a soft carry case.  All for only $275!

Rock Island Armory M20P .22 LR Rifle

The Rock island M2oP is an affordable plinking semi-auto rifle chambered for .22LR. 21″ barrel,  10 Round magazine,  Hooded Bead Sight,  41″ overall length,  1:16″ twist rifling,  Synthetic stock, Blued finish.

Pick it up today in the Gunz Inc. showroom for only $160!

Used Austrian ISSC M-22 at Gunz Inc.!

The M22 brings you handling and performance that is closer to the modern defensive handgun than any other rimfire pistol. Designed for inexpensive high velocity 22LR ammunition, the accurate rapid fire performance of the M22 offers the shooter an economical shortcut for modern defensive pistol practice. Features easy to load ten round magazines. The single action trigger offers precision with every shot while the accessory rail lets you train with lights and lasers. With a high visibility adjustable rear sight the M22 handles just like your carry gun.

Only $199.99!

.22 Long Rifle caliber
4″ match bull barrel
10 round capacity
5 independent safeties
Single action
Adjustable rear sight
Weaver accessory rail
Match trigger
4 lbs. trigger weight
Black finish
0.16″ trigger travel
7″ overall length
4.80″ tall
1″ wide
5.50″ sight length
1.04 lbs

Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Pistols are at Gunz Inc.

IMG_3995Looking for a great plinking pistol?  Look no further than Gunz Inc. in Valley Station.

Want to add some “cool” factor to your plinking.  We have the M&P 22 with a Kryptic camo finished frame for $364.99.

Want to do some plinking but don’t want a lot of noise?  We have a silencer-ready M&P 22 with 1/2×28 threaded barrel for only $349.99 (suppressors not included!).

The M&P22 is sure to be a popular addition to the M&P line of semi-auto pistols. Designed as a dedicated .22LR, the M&P22 pistol combines the look, feel and familiar operating features of the trusted M&P series of centerfire pistols.
The M&P22 is ideally suited for training or simple shooting enjoyment with the popular .22LR cartridge.

NRA Special Edition Ruger 10/22 Takedown Carbines at Gunz!

IMG_3553 (2)Ruger’s 10/22 carbines are legendary for their accuracy, reliability, practicality, and fun.  Now they’re making a name for themselves for portability with their takedown models.

A push of the switch and a twist of the stock and the carbine breaks down into halves for easy storage in the included canvas soft-sided carry bag.

This National Rifle Association special edition comes in a camo finish with NRA serial number and Ruger 10/22 anniversary markings on the receiver.  Includes a 10-round rotary magazine and 1-round magazine for single-shot plinking, practice or hunting.

Stainless Ruger MKIII Package Loaded with Accessories

IMG_3501Gunz Inc. at 5616 Barrett Lane in Valley Station has a beautiful plinking package for you.

Stop in and check out this stainless steel target pistol complete with a great accessory package that includes four magazines, leather double magazine pouch, and leather holster with magazine pouch.

All this fun for only $500!

Don’t forget that Gunz Inc. is your source for .22LR rifle ammo with no limit.

Stop in today and check out the sweet deal!

Ruger 77/22 All-Weather Bolt Action Rifle

Whether you’re just out punching holes in paper or taking your limit of small game, this bolt action Ruger 77/22 is the tack-driver to fit your needs.

This beautiful wood-stocked used rifle includes a powerful Simmons scope to make sure you hit what you’re aiming at.  Come in to our showroom today and pick it up today for only $650.


  • Solid, heat-treated alloy and stainless steel actions that feature a rugged, right-hand turning bolt with 90-degree bolt lift and ultra-fast lock time for added accuracy.
  • Three-position safety is easily accessible and allows the shooter to lock the bolt to load and unload the rifle with the safety engaged.
  • Patented detachable rotary magazine features a unique rotor to separate cartridges and provide reliable feeding; mounts flush with the stock to eliminate protrusions at the rifle’s balance point.
  • Chambered in the inexpensive 22 LR and features sling swivel stud mounts.

Smith & Wesson 15-22 Modern Sporting Rifle with Vortex Scope

IMG_3324The M&P15 rifle line has been expanded to include the new M&P15-22. Chambered in .22LR, the M&P15-22 rifle is built with high strength polymer upper and lower receivers. This creates a reduced weight rifle that retains the looks and operating features of the standard M&P rifle.

Gunz Inc. has one in our showroom at 5616 Barrett Lane that is just calling your name.

This one includes removable backup iron sights but also has a Vortex Strikefire red/green dot scope with magnifier that co-witnesses with the iron sights.

$600 for the whole package.

1. 6 Position Collapsible Stock
2. Functioning Charging Handle
3. Adjustable Rear and Front Sights
4. Two-Position Receiver Mounted Safety Selector
5. Cartridge Case Deflector
6. Bolt Catch
7. Recessed Magazine Release Button
8. High Strength Polymer Magazine
9. Light Weight, High Strength Polymer Quad Rail Handguard

The Perfect Plinker

IMG_3223Classic Feel, Modern Design. No other 22 LR pistol provides the feel of the classic 1911 pistol with the proven reliability and value of the Ruger 22/45 pistols. The perfect trainer, it allows for low-cost practice and provides shooters with the familiar and preferred grip shape and feel of the famous 1911 45 caliber pistol.

In addition to the identical grip angles, the 22/45 features the same fire control locations (manual safeties, magazine releases and bolt hold-opens) as the 1911, making them perfect for 45 caliber shooters looking for an affordable way to train. Also perfect for plinking, target shooting, and small game hunting, the 22/45 is available in a variety of configurations and barrel lengths, each with the same trusted reliability that Ruger has delivered since 1949.

Stop into the Gunz Inc. showroom at 5616 Barrett Lane today and pick up this perfect plinker for only $324.99.

USAF .22LR Zip Gun – New In Box at Gunz Inc.

20150602_135620The next generation of future weapons in a light, compact form factor. Simple in design, ZiP is a new Modular Weapons System, delivering amazing features with performance and upgradeability. With a near unlimited service life – you will experience The Future of Fun and a great day at the range. Camping, hiking, exploring the world – ZiP adapts to any mission.

The MSRP is $220 but Gunz Inc. has one in stock for you for only $199.99 including 25-round magazine.

Compact and fun, the ZiP uses Ruger 10/22 magazines.  Check out this review and pics, then come in and get yours today!