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More Glock G43s on the Way

G43Gunz Inc. has two more of Glock’s brand new single stack 9mm pistols, the G43 coming in, but they won’t last long at only our low prices!

If you don’t stop in and get them today, they’re going to the gun show with us and they’re sure to be hot sellers there!

The G43 is GLOCK’s new single stack, 9mm pistol. The G43 is the most highly desired and anticipated release in GLOCKs history. The G43 is the answer to your everyday concealed carry needs. It’s ultra-concealable, accurate and fantastic for all shooters regardless of hand size. The grip has a built in beaver tail design which allows the shooter to acquire a high and tight grip. The aggressive texture of the grip lets the shooter more easily operate the pistol. The large magazine catch allows for easy removal of the six round magazine. Engineered to the same standards, the G43 can withstand the same tortures as other GLOCK pistols.

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