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Happy 4th of July! Celebrate Freedom with a Sig Brace!

IMG_3187Want to make your AR pistol easier to handle?  Want the look of an SBR without the added $200 NFA tax stamp?

What you need is a Sig Brace, and Gunz Inc. is the place to get them in Louisville.

We have both the SB15 and SBX pistol stabilizing braces.  Although these braces look somewhat like a stock, they aren’t – they come with a cuff that wraps around your forearm to help you keep your AR-15 style pistol steady while shooting.

SBX braces are $125 and SB15 braces are $129.99.  Stop in today and check them out.  We also have AR pistols in stock – both with and without braces installed so you can feel the difference.

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