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Monthly Archives: September 2015


IMG_4680Ruger lightweight compact pistols (LCP) are compact, yet powerful. From the perfect backup firearm for law enforcement to licensed carry for personal protection, Ruger lightweight compact pistols are the perfect choice, and Gunz Inc. has them in stock for you!

Chambered in .380 ACP, these pistols have a small outline at only 5.2″ long overall, and just over 3/4″ thick!  That tiny package makes them perfect for concealment in a jeans, vest, or jacket pocket, a purse, or the center console of your vehicle.

The 6+1 capacity and integrated sights give you plenty of opportunity to stop threats like muggers, car-jackers, and other violent criminals from hurting you or your loved ones if you are ever attacked.

This ideal CCDW pocket pistol is available in the Gunz Inc. showroom in Valley Station in standard black finish for only $319.99, or upgrade to the tan frame/slide model for only $30 more.


G19_tagGreat Prices on new GLOCK Perfection at Gunz Inc.

Gunz Inc. prides itself on be the go-to gun store in the Louisville area.  We do this by offering great customer service from friendly, knowledgeable staff in the showroom; and a great selection of firearms, ammunition, and accessories for you to chose from (along with the ability and willingness to place custom orders for you).

Oh… and the prices.  The wonderful, low prices.

Gunz Inc. has GLOCK pistols in stock for prices so good that we can’t even tell you about them!  That’s right – we’re not even allowed to tell you!  But rest assured that you will have a hard time finding them for less anywhere else.

Stop in to the Gunz Inc. showroom today to check out our great selection of new and used GLOCK Perfection pistols in various calibers including 9mm (single- and double-stack!), .40 S&W, and .45ACP.

Very Lightly Used CORE 15 Rifles – Back Fresh from the Factory

Gunz Inc. in Valley Station has a smoking deal on some CORE15 rifle systems that are fresh back from factory service where the action was polished up and smoothed out to make them as smooth and reliable as possible.

Dressed up with 15″ keymod handguards with a top-side picatinny rail and short picatinny rail section mounted on the bottom of the handguard, these are some fine specimens of tactical Modern Sporting Rifles.

Built upon the same principles as Eugene Stoner’s original design, we use the basic receivers as the CORE of our AR-15 style rifles, and then expand upon that design by incorporating the many benefits of today’s accessories into our rifles. We hold each and every receiver to exacting tolerances using state of the art machining processes.  By exceeding military standards, Core 15 ensures the best fit possible and can offer a more reliable, smoother functioning, and more accurate weapon that will provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve.  Whether a weekend shooter heading to the range for an afternoon of fun, or professional operator preparing for work, CORE15 Rifle Systems will provide you with the weapon to fit your individual needs.

Stop in today to get a smoking deal on these very lightly used rifles for only $700!


Hey, Partner. Check out this sweet Ranch Hand by Rossi!


Pistol cartridge lever-actions have had attention of the American public since the days of the Old West when having a rifle and pistol that shoot the same caliber just made sense.

There are numerous variations – rifles, carbines, standard loop, oversized loop – including Rossi’s Model ’92 hybrid-the Ranch Hand. This Ranch Hand is available now at Gunz Inc. chambered for the popular .38 Spl./.357 Magnum cartridge.

The Ranch Hand’s 12-inch barrel complies with federal regulations while squeezing tons of power from the cartridges, and features a gold-bead front sight with an adjustable buckhorn rear sight, an oversized loop lever, hardwood furniture, and a saddle ring with leather strap.  Of course, it also features Rossi’s lifetime repair coverage.

Come in to the Gunz Inc. showroom and fall in love with this beautiful piece.  Then take it home for only $499.99!

Gunz Inc’s 20 Gauge Mossberg 500 is Perfect for Protecting Your Home


Mossberg’s 500 series shotguns feature rugged construction designed for reliability in use by military, police, and law abiding citizens and the tactical line offers mission-ready shotguns for any scenario.

This pistol-grip, pump-action model is perfect for home defense.  The shorter length allows it to be maneuvered through hallways and doors.  The 20 gauge delivers plenty of stopping power while staying manageable with regard to recoil and noise.

Stop in and pick up this brand new shotgun for only $384.99 today!

The Ultimate Handgun: .50AE Desert Eagle at Gunz Inc.

IMG_4700After 25 years of being accessorized, customized and re-imagined in countless movies, television shows and video games, the Desert Eagle Pistol has emerged as a pop-culture icon.  The Deagle features a full Weaver style accessory rail on the barrel from the end of the chamber to right behind the front sight and standard ambidextrous safeties.

Meet the Desert Eagle Mark XIX pistol chambered in the powerful .50 Action Express (.50AE) round – described as “one of the most powerful pistol cartridges in production.”

This used handgun, in stock now at Gunz Inc. in Valley Station, has a beautiful highly polished finish and a 6″ barrel, bringing the overall length to just shy of a foot long.  This thing means business, weighing in at four and a half pounds.  Empty!  Includes matching floorplate on the 7-round magazine (Magnum Research now ships all custom finished Desert Eagle pistols with the standard black floorplate).

You’ve probably seen them in movies, heard about them, seen them online, or used them in popular FPS video games.  Stop in to Gunz Inc. today and add this baby to your collection before someone else does.  It won’t take long – this pistol is a bargain at $1,500.

Smith & Wesson 686 Plus – Seven Shot .357 Revolver

Stop in to Gunz Inc. in Valley Station at 5616 Barrett Lane today to check out this beauty!

The 686+ is a 7-shot .357 revolver from Smith & Wesson and this is a great example.  Smith & Wesson L-Frame revolvers are built to suit the demands of the most serious firearms enthusiast.  The L-Frame has a strong, durable frame and barrel built for continuous Magnum usage.  As police officers and hunters will attest, this firearm is made to withstand heavy use.

A great deal at only $750!  Stop in and get it today.

  • Model: 686 Plus
  • Caliber: .357 Magnum, .38 S&W Special +P
  • Capacity: 7 Round
  • Barrel Length: 4″ / 10.2 cm
  • Front Sight: Red Ramp
  • Rear Sight: Adjustable White Outline
  • Grip: Synthetic
  • Action: Single/Double Action
  • Frame Size: Medium – Exposed Hammer
  • Finish: Satin Stainless
  • Overall Length: 9.56″ / 24.3 cm
  • Material: Stainless Steel Frame, Stainless Steel Cylinder
  • Weight Empty: 38.9 oz / 1,102.8 g


Who’s Ready for Deer Season?

IMG_4643We’re a week into Kentucky’s deer archery season.  Have you been out in the woods yet?  Got your spot picked out?  Have you seen the big bucks yet?

In addition to a great selection of muzzle loaders, rifles, and shotguns to help you in your hunting, YETI coolers to keep your deer camp stocked with food and drinks and your meat fresh on the trek back, and the ammo to bring down your game, Gunz Inc. in Valley Station also has what you need to draw in that trophy whitetail.

Grab the attention of the big bucks with Code Blue Whitetail Doe Estrous.  Doe Estrous becomes especially powerful during the whitetail rut, bringing even the biggest of bucks to their knees.

IMG_4644Tink’s #69 Doe-In-Rut Buck Lure is a unique blend of 100% natural doe estrus urine along with our secret ingredient which bucks can’t resist.

Both attractants are in stock now at Gunz Inc. and ready for you to pick up for your next trip into the woods.

Hard-To-Get Savage A17 .17HMR Rifle in Stock at Gunz Inc.

They’re hard to get, but we did it!

Gunz Inc. at 5616 Barrett Lane in Valley Station has the Savage Arms A17 rifle for you!

Features the legendary AccuTrigger, detachable rotary magazine, synthetic stock and a receiver drilled and tapped for scope mounts.  Delayed Blowback Action, Hard Chromed Bolt with Dual Controlled Round Feed, Case Hardened Receiver, Button-Rifled Barrel are all reasons why this rifle is in such high demand and is so hard to find.

Get it before it’s gone!

Great Deal on a Used Ruger Mini-14 at Gunz!

Precision on the Range, at the Ranch, on Patrol or in the Woods.

For decades, Ruger Mini-14 rifles have been the choice for applications ranging from the farm and ranch, to the deep woods, to personal defense.  Their short barrels and overall short length make them favorites in any application where maneuverability and ease of handling are priorities.

The used model we have in the showroom at 5616 Barrett Lane in Valley Station has beautiful hardwood furniture and easy, accurate sights with a rear peep and front blade.  Includes sling mounts.  Comes with three magazines.  No box.

Only $649.99!